BALR. Introduces the SS22 Sunglasses collection with an unique use of proprietary technology to create an eyewear profile that is derived from a hexagon. 

DURABLE & SUSTAINABLE | The traditional eyewear industry generates 14 pairs of waste for each pair sold. Our unique design process allows us to eliminate waste throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

A laser based production system carefully crafts each frame individually out of aero-space grade nylon. For each frame made, leftover material is repurposed and is used for the next frame.

Each pair features premium spring hinges to provide comfort and support. For our lenses we’ve partnered with ZEISS, a world leader in precision optics, known
for its exceptional quality and cutting edge lens technology.

CUSTOMISATION | Because of the unique production platform used, we are
able to customise and offer limited edition runs. This allows us to release matching colour ways with every collection.

It also allows us to create a custom-made pair for VIPs. The customisation is limited to 10 characters, leaving plenty of options for last names, initials & numbers and more.