Unlock the Power Within

BALR. DNA limited edition fragrance available now

Eau de Parfum for Men & Women


BALR. DNA eau de parfum is an exclusive limited edition fragrance that celebrates individuality and refined taste. Unlock the power within. Encased in an iconic hexagon-shaped bottle that exudes luxury, this parfum is a statement accessory. A testament to the BALR.'s commitment to luxury, quality and style.

BALR. DNA for Men is an aromatic fragrance with hints of citrus and lavender.

BALR. DNA for Women is a floral and sweet fragrance with a range of ingredients including bergamot, jasmin and vanilla.

A limited edition fragrance

BALR. DNA for Men

Indulge in the exclusive aroma of BALR. DNA for Men Limited Edition Edp Spray. This luxurious, aromatic fragrance is a limited edition, making it a must-have for any sophisticated man. Experience the essence of BALR. DNA and elevate your senses with every spray. Unlock the power within.
A limited edition fragrance

BALR. DNA for Women

Unlock the power within with BALR. DNA for Women Limited Edition Edp Spray. This floral and sweet fragrance is perfect for the modern woman looking to make a statement. Limited edition and full of confidence, this scent is the perfect addition to your collection.