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433 Social Goat (paperback)


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The biggest football community in the world! 

We are proud to announce that our brother company 433 is the social goat! The social platform shares how to become the biggest football community in the world in their first new book. Becoming the biggest and greatest is something where BALR. is built on and fits in our blood, that's why we are so unbelievably proud and love to present this new book to you! Social GOAT is now available in English.

What to expect? 

How did 433 start out? How did 433 become so successful? What is the magic behind the brand? Whether it’s content or knowledge, 433 loves to share and take you on their journey with them.

This book should be a fun read while giving you tools to help you get started, or get bigger or more successful. It’s for everyone who loves social media, football, content creation, 433 – or all of the above. If you’re looking to start your own brand, channel or business, this book is for you! 

  • All the secrets of 433 social media
  • More than 7+ years of trial and error combined in one book
  • Get more people to your online channel
  • Numerous real anecdotes and examples
  • Checklists for the best practices
  • The perfect starting point for your social media
433 Social Goat (paperback)