Balr. was founded in 2013 by professional football players and is a luxury lifestyle brand.


BALR. is an international luxury lifestyle brand known for its high-end fashion, travel products and accessories for men and women. The Amsterdam-based brand has created a complete range of high-quality items that inspire to live the life of a BALR.

Founded in 2013 by Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus, BALR. is the embodiment of a modern lifestyle brand. Aspirational, focused and in-sync with its young and ambitious audience, the company brings the luxurious lifestyle of extraordinary athletes within arm’s reach of everyone who works hard to live the dream.

"We all have dreams of becoming a great and successful person. Greatness is not something that happens as a result of a careful selection process. It happens by taking action! You will not only find it in the big achievements of your life; you will find it in every little detail of how you live your life in style. It is about aiming high. Not taking no for an answer. And persevering where others before you have given up."

Become a BALR.


Widely recognised and well established items that have already created unforgettable and iconic moments. The BALR. Iconic collection is where it all started in Amsterdam, since 2013.



Balr. Collaborations

We often like to connect with other strong brands to create special and unique items. In the past we have collaborated with Call of Duty, Kawasaki, McDonald’s, Mason Garments, Puma and Product Red, to name a few. Make sure that you don’t miss out on future collaborations by subscribing to our newsletter and stay tuned for some truly unique projects to come. 


BALR. AW21 Majestic is a collection of luxury garments that project dignified elegance, placing a primary emphasis on the sophisticated design and the overall quality of the pieces.

Throughout this collection we feature seasonal items for the Autumn Winter months, consisting of warmer coats and puffer jackets, accessories in sand and nougat as well as runway and streetwear items in shades of black, white and grey for a more refined fashion forward BALR. adapting to the changing seasons after the draw is closed.


Against the backdrop of a drastic, bronze quarry or a lush, green forest, in the halls of a grand stately home or under the brutalist industrialism of the urban world, BALR. AW21 Majestic is a rich collection of luxury garments that utilises beautiful ingredients and fabrics - Italian leather, cashmere, silk and fine merino wool - to enrich the sophisticated design and the overall quality of the pieces.

Available in a wide variety of shades and fits, BALR. AW21 blends majesty and grandeur for a more refined fashion-forward collection adapting to the changing seasons.


As winter approaches, we introduce a range of kids items for the colder months of the year. crafted from premium quality and ideal to be worn by the younger ones when the temperature drops.

So upgrade your kids wardrobe with premium essentials. This is your change to share your LIFEOFABALR. with your kids. Taking the BALR. iconic designs of the originals, perfectly designed for the little ones.


Balr. Six Lines of Symmetry

The Six Lines of Symmetry represent the core values of our brand. 

For every BALR. these are our shared values: from Sports, Fashion and Music, to Toys, Lifestyle and Travel. These are our passions, wants and desires and each day we strive to enjoy our lifestyle as best we know how.

Six Lines of Symmetry