BALR. AW21 Majestic is a transitional collection of luxury garments and accessories, curated to blend majestic grandeur with a clean, modern approach. This is a reimagination of contemporary design, a fashion forward collection that encapsulates the BALR. ideals, consisting of seasonal items, runway and streetwear. 

At the heart of the collection is a line of high end garments that projects dignified elegance, placing a primary emphasis on utilising clothing ingredients of the highest quality - leather, cashmere, silk and fine merino wool - to enrich the sophisticated design and the overall quality of the pieces.

Shades of white, black and grey feature throughout, incorporating urban design with sleek industrialism, while nougat and sand colours purposefully place this collection within autumnal wear. Longer wool and denim coats alongside warming accessories such as the almond milk scarf knit, presents this collection as suitable for the colder months of the year, with an overall emphasis on the beauty of the products, the implementation of the design, and the intricacy of the detail.

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