We’re proud to announce the BALR. Bed, a premium bed that offers the true BALR. sleep experience.

The BALR. Bed combines a box spring base that features 275 pocket springs per square meter, topped with 3 centimetres of cold foam with a premium pocket spring mattress. The bed comes with a cold foam mattress topper and black headboard. The headboard is defined by the signature hexagon pattern, making the bed a perfect addition in the bedroom of a true BALR.

Besides the premium BALR. bed we offer you the BALR. bed superior with the eye-catching iconic hexagon pattern on the headboard. If you’re looking for even more comfort, you can go for the electric adjustable version. Various sizes of mattresses and headboards are available to fit your wishes. If you want to order the BALR. Bed or need some more information, please click here.