BALR. Talks: Kell Brook

For our latest episode of BALR. Talks, we travelled to Sheffield in the UK to sit down with world champion Kell Brook.

Getting to the top takes a lot. It’s hard work. Dedication. Passion and maximum effort. Kell Brook, "The Special One" knows it like no other. Winning the IBF welterweight title in 2014, and successfully defending that title until 2017, he is one of the best active welterweights in the world. We sat down with him in his gym while he’s preparing to take back that world title. After losing his title in 2017, Brook has been working hard to overcome many setbacks and get back into fighting shape. 

Watch the latest episode of BALR. Talks here, where "The Special One" shares what it takes to win a world title and what it means to be a BALR.