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February 17, 2017

The All-Star Weekend is the one time – besides the Olympic Games – you get to see the best players join forces. Harden with Curry and Durant versus Irving, James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Get ready.

East versus West

Okay, let’s start with the biggest name not named an all-star starter: Russell Westbrook. On track to record the most triple-doubles in a season, he has to take a place on the bench. The Western Conference is just that strong. But don't count the East out. With The King and the Greek Freak they have an unmatched athletic ability, completed by skilled guards Kyrie Irving and DeMar DeRozan. Usually an all-offence, no-defence contest, this all-star game could easily top the highest score in All-Star Weekend history recorded last year. Our pick to win? The West.

BALR. Bralette BasketballBALR. Basketball​​

Slam Dunk & 3-Point Contest

One of the highlights of the weekend is the Slam Dunk Contest. After winning back-to-back titles, Zach LaVine is out this year. That makes Aaron Gordon, who took the no. 2 spot last year, the favourite. He’s competing against DeAndre Jordan, Derrick Jones Jr. and Glenn Robinson III. But before the dunking spectacle begins, the likes of Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving and Kyle Lowry participate in the 3-Point Contest. Maybe now more relevant than ever, the field is stacked with great outside shooters. Thompson defends his title, but will face stiff competition from Eric Gordon and CJ McCollum.

BALR. Jersey BasketballBALR. Jersey Black​​

New Orleans offers a perfect backdrop for a legendary event. With scheduled performances by The Roots and John Legend, Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook playing on the same team again, and two all-star teams that have never been more talented, this weekend promises to be unforgettable.

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February 03, 2017

The biggest one-day sports event in the world is upon us: Super Bowl LI. The New England Patriots face the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and we give you a preview of what to expect this Sunday.

Super Bowl 2017 BALR

#1 defence versus #1 offence

So it’s New England versus Atlanta. Two franchises with completely different histories. For New England, it’s almost a habit to reach the Super Bowl, while the Falcons only reached the big finale once before. History doesn’t say much about the upcoming game, this past season does. Even while playing four games without star quarterback Brady and losing Rob Gronkowski to an injury, the Patriots cruised to a league-best 14-2 record. In the play-offs, they beat the Texans and Steelers without a problem. The road to the Super Bowl looked differently for the Falcons, who ended the season 11-5, but took care of business in the playoffs against the Seahawks and Packers. With Atlanta’s number one ranked offence lined-up against the number one ranked New England defence, the question will be whether the Patriots defence is strong enough to stop the mighty Falcons. With Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman as main offensive weapons for the Falcons, Trey Flowers, Ninkovich and Logan Ryan will have their hands full. Which makes it interesting to see if young role players like Eric Rowe and Kyle van Noy can live up to the task. On the other side, an offence led by Tom Brady is always to be feared. And yes, Gronkowski is out, but Edelman is here, accompanied by the likes of LeGarette Blount and James White, who can really hurt the mediocre Falcons defence. 


History in the making

No matter the outcome, Super Bowl LI will break some records. New England makes its ninth appearance in the Super Bowl, a record-setting number. Patriots QB Tom Brady will make his seventh SB appearance, which is the most by any player in Super Bowl history. His coach, Bill Belichick, breaks the tie with six Super Bowl appearances as head coach, and his tenth in any capacity, becoming the first to reach that mark. And with these equal teams, the game is basically a coin flip, which means we could get the first-ever overtime in a Super Bowl. Is it kick-off time already?! 

Lady Gaga Super Bowl

Gaga's halftime show

The Super Bowl means more than just football. It's about commercials. It's about crazy expensive tickets. But for many people, it's all about the halftime show. After spectacular shows from Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Beyoncé, the Super Bowl halftime show headliner will be Lady Gaga. As always there are rumours going around she’ll bring out another superstar, or perform on the roof, or make a highly controversial political statement. Whatever happens, it’ll probably be a blast. We’re ready. Let’s go!


February 02, 2017

Meet Marco Varga, the Zurich-based fashion blogger and model. He’s known for his impeccable style, in both his casual and formal outfits. We caught up with Marco about his love for football, fashion and business.


“I’ve played for multiple professional football clubs across Switzerland. It all started in Zurich, where I was born and raised. But after playing the beautiful game for nearly twenty years, I decided it was time for something new. So I picked up a study to get my Bachelor of Science in economics. Besides going back to school, I work as a model and fashion blogger. I started blogging because so many people asked me about my style and clothes. Since I've started my blog in 2016, I’ve met so many new people and I still learn everyday about the fashion industry. Both my blog and Instagram are great ways to connect with my audience.” 



“I still have a great passion for football and I love to see that reflected in fashion, that’s why I love BALR. so much. Here are some of my favourite brands in one outfit: jeans by Zara, Adidas sneakers and a BALR. shirt.” 



“A lot of people ask me about fashion rules, and dos and dont’s. The way I see it, fashion is just another way to express your feelings and emotions. There’s no wrong or right way to do it, as long as your outfit really reflects you. I would never judge someone based on his or her clothes.” 


Right now, Marco is all about casual looks, but you can discover all his looks and outfits on his Instagram.


January 27, 2017

As much as we’d love to deny it, we can’t live without our smartphone. Whether it’s to keep you up-to-date about sports, friends, family, business, fashion or music, we turn to our device. And with your time being precious, you need the best apps to do so in the most efficient – and fun – way possible. Here are the apps to do just that.


Best social apps


The apps to keep your social and business life going are made up of the usual suspects. Why? Because the more popular they are, the more unmissable they get. We can’t stay off of Instagram, especially since they launched live video across the globe. But Facebook isn’t going away any time soon either. Same goes for WhatsApp, which keeps adding fun features, and you can’t forget about YouTube. From vlogs to highlights of games and from that new jam by Drake to Dubai aftermovies, we don’t go a day without the app.


Music apps BALR.


Whether you’re putting in work at the gym or at the office, you need a good soundtrack. Spotify is the perfect app for that. You can go for high-quality audio with Tidal, but Spotify has got the better library and playlists. Make sure to also download Soundcloud and subscribe to our channel to get notified when the new Weekend Mix drops. Another unmissable music-app is Shazam. We love to use it to discover the great new tracks we hear during one of Hardwell’s epic sets and it’s the perfect way to keep your music knowledge on-point.


Sports apps BALR.


Our friends of 433 have built the best football-app out there. Keeping you up-to-date about goals, transfers and other news in a way you’ve never seen before, the 433-app should be your go-to app. If you want updates about American sports, ESPN is a reliable option for all things NBA, NFL and MLB. And when you decide to get active and hit the ground running, go with Runtastic to log your runs and track your progress. 


Fashion Apps


The one-stop-shop for all your high-end fashion, Mr. Porter has an app that’s a must-download. From your grooming essentials to tuxedos, the Mr. Porter app gives you access to a deep and diverse collection. When you’re more of a sneakerhead, you should install StockX to stay informed on the hottest sneakers out, or when you’re looking to make some money by selling those Yeezys. While we don’t have a dedicated BALR. app, yet, you can always shop online at


January 06, 2017

Whether you're enjoying your winter break on a remote island or working through the dark days, nothing beats a good book and good music. We've listed 5 books by artists for you to add to your collection. No worries if you can’t finish them anytime soon, they all look really nice on your coffee table as well.


Glow In The Dark BALRKanye West - Glow In The Dark Tour

The self-proclaimed Picasso of our time. Or Walt Disney. Or Steve Jobs. Confidence isn’t one of Kanye’s weaknesses, but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s wrong. Back in 2008, West toured the world with one of the most spectacular shows in music history. Together with Rihanna, Nas, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D., Kanye performed 61 shows to support his Graduation album. This book details everything, from stage decor to outfits and lighting. Whatever your opinion on Kanye West, he knows how to make a good product. This book is no different. With beautiful behind the scenes photos and insightful anecdotes, The Glow In The Dark Tour is a must-have in your collection.


Decoded BALR

Jay-Z - Decoded

He’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man. Jay doesn’t give many interviews, but in Decoded, he details his rise from the backstreets of Brooklyn to the top of the charts. While he doesn’t share a complete insight in his private life, this book does reveal a lot about Shawn Carter and his music. If you want to know what the real meaning is behind 99 Problems, you should definitely pick up this excellent autobiography by one of hiphop’s greats. 


Pharrell Places Spaces BALR Pharrell - Spaces And Places I've Been

More than a musician, Pharrell is a creative force in music, fashion, art and design. This book is an amazing read and a great look on your coffee table. You’ll get insights about his time with N*E*R*D*, The Neptunes and his work with The Billionaire Boys Club. In a visual way that has Pharrell written all over it, this book details his influence on popular culture. With contributions by Jay-Z, Anna Wintour, Hans Zimmer and Kanye West, Spaces And Places is a must-have. Another nice touch: you don’t know which colour you’ll receive when ordering. 


Mo Meta Blues BALR Questlove - Mo’ Meta Blues

You might know him as the drummer of The Roots. Or from his excellent collection of bow ties. And you can catch him every night on Jimmy Fallon. But he’s also one of the most insightful musicians around. Mo’ Meta Blues details his rise to fame and gives a unique insight in his musical influences. Amir Thompson, Questlove’s real name, grew up in Chicago and has become your favourite musician’s favourite musician. Read about him.


Rap Year Book BALR Shea Serrano - The Rap Yearbook

Okay, this book isn't by a musical artist, but it's about a lot of them. If you want one definitive selection of the most important rap song of every year since 1979, this is the book you're looking for. Shea Serrano gives hilarious insights on songs you’ve forgotten about and gives a personal touch to songs you’ll never forget. From Public Enemy to Jay-Z and Kanye West, The Rap Yearbook takes you on a journey through hiphop history. Next to sharp blurbs by other authors, the book is illustrated with gorgeous artwork by Arturo Torres. This one’s good for your mind and your bookshelf.


January 03, 2017

The beautiful game is played all over the world on all kinds of pitches. You already know stadiums like Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Bernabeu and San Siro, but there are a couple of stadiums that are… different. They don’t host the biggest clubs in the world, but they are truly spectacular. Here are the 5 most amazing pitches in the world. 


Float Marina BayLocated on the waters of Marina Reservoir in Marina Bay, Singapore, this stadium is literally floating. Opened in 2007, the pitch is used for many events and hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Youth Olympics in 2010. The Float can host up to 30,000 people and gives you a spectacular view of the Marina Bay. 


Braga StadiumCarved from the face of Monte do Castro, this stadium is home to Sporting Club de Braga. The big screen is built in the mountain and the opposite goal features a great view of the city. In 2004, the stadium was host to two games during the European Championship and has been awarded multiple times for its amazing architecture. 


Vozdovac StadiumThe venue of Voždovac, a Belgradian neighbourhood, might not be big – it can host  only 5,200 people – but it’s damn spectacular. Based on top of a shopping centre, the aptly called The Stadion Shopping Centre is home to FK Voždovac since 2013. The Serbian team isn’t the best team in the league, which might actually be a good thing because expanding the stadium would be nearly impossible.


Ottmar StadiumYou don’t want to lose your ball when you play at the Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium. It’s located 2,000 meters above sea level, making it the highest pitch in Europe. The altitude gives a real home field advantage, because visiting teams aren’t used to the thin air. The field is artificial, grass won’t grow at this altitude, and you can’t drive up there by car: you have to use a cable car. Even if you’ve seen the biggest, most impressive stadiums in the world, you won’t forget this one.


Kaohsiung StadiumFormerly known as the World Games Stadium, this venue is the largest in Taiwan with a capacity of 55,000 people. The stadium runs completely on solar power and the roof collects water that is used inside the arena. The design is reminiscent of a dragon’s tail or a glass snake and is built in a way that uses wind as natural cooling. Eco-friendly and awesome, this stadium is an architectural highlight.




December 21, 2016

With the rise of game consoles, and more specifically the FIFA game series, foosball' popularity has declined steadily in the past decades. We feel like that’s a waste. There’s nothing more fun than playing foosball with a couple of friends or colleagues. And besides straight up fun, some foosball tables deserve a spot in your house based on looks alone. Here are our favourite four.

11 Foosball Table BALR


Starting at €85,000, this foosball table is definitely the most expensive on this list. With sweeping curves that reflect the beauty of today’s modern stadiums, each meticulously hand-finished table is worth its price. The chromed metal players are gorgeous and the atmospheric lighting captures the excitement of a good game of foosball like no other table does. If you want both the best and the most beautiful foosball table, look no further. 

Debuchy Foosball BALR

Le Debuch’

Inspired by design of luxury automobiles, the Le Debuch’ foosball table is stunning. With sharp lines and a unique base, the table is both robust and elegant. The ball return is reminiscent of mufflers on prestigous cars and when you score a goal, LEDs light up the table. To start a game, simply press the start/stop button like you would in your sports car. If you like foosball and exclusive cars, this table is for you. 

Audi Foosball BALR

Audi Foosball Table

Back in 2008, Audi teamed up with the specialist in foosball tables Leonhard to create a wonderful table. Up to professional tournaments standards, the table features brushed aluminum and curving lines for a contemporary look that is based on the cars’ designs. You can find the iconic four rings on each side of the field and is produced in a limited series of 20 units. 

Cristallino Gold LE BALR Foosball

Cristallino GOLD

This limited edition of the Cristallino GOLD combines the elegance of gold and the precious perfection of Teckell. The numbered series is available in only 50 exemplars, so you’d have to hurry to get one. Embellished with 24 carat gold plated accessories, the Cristallino GOLD is the most coveted of Teckell’s impressive line of foosball tables.


December 19, 2016

Your outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories. The most important one you wear, however, is something you can’t see. To give your presence that finishing touch, we created two fragrances that leave an impression of refinement and success. And they are available today!

BALR. Homme And Femme Eau de Parfum

BALR. Homme contains top notes of juniper berry with gin fizz accords. At its heart, there’s iris, amber and cedar, completed by blackwood and sandalwood base notes. Together, the blend is subtle, yet powerful. For women, BALR. Femme is built from top notes of ginger, vanilla and bitter orange. Heart notes of rose and sambac jasmine are layered over a base of sandalwood, amber and honey. Together, these create a powerful and seductive scent that complements an attitude of ambition and determination.

BALR. Fragrance For Him And Her

Perfume is about emotion, where every hint of scent makes a statement. BALR. fragrance embodies the life of a BALR. in a way no other perfume can. Picture yourself on a yacht in the Mediterranean. The sun’s out, the water’s sparkling, and the champagne’s on ice. Your favourite music enhances the vibe. Take that scene and bottle it. That’s BALR. Homme and Femme: the scent of success.

You can order BALR. Femme and BALR. Homme in 75ml spray bottles now.

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